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The Midmarket Alliance has worked for almost two decades to connect leading M&A professionals to build relationships, share resources, and create values. The AM&AA is the educational and credentialing arm of the Alliance, whose members convene regularly for training, continuing education, and various conferences.

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As a Member of The Alliance, you have the ability to connect with a 1,000+ other Members who are focused on mergers and acquisitions.

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As with other recognized professional associations, M&A and Corporate Financial Advisory service professionals have an obligation to the public, their profession, the organization they serve, and themselves, to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. In recognition of this obligation, the Alliance has promulgated the following standards of ethical conduct for financial advisory and transaction professionals.

Our Approach

Across the globe, leadership experts share messages to expand your skill set, leverage your network, broaden your scope, stay current on the industry. It is clear to thrive in our ever changing business environment, a professional must take an active role in acquiring the right skills sets and knowledge that sets them apart.


HR 477, The Small Business Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales and Brokerage Simplification Act of 2017, passed the US House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY on Thursday, by a recorded vote of 426-0!

The bill will now move to the US Senate, where it will be referred to the Senate Banking Committee, and where this strong, bi-partisan final vote…

Dec 10, 2017
80 consultants from all over the world in M&A

The 27th Rainmaker Summit held various sectoral panels ranging from Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Health Sciences,…

Nov 20, 2017
National Center for the Middle Market Presents New Research on M&A in Miami

Presentation of the findings and insights of data received from a recent new survey of 400 middle market owners and CEOs.  Highlights of what was…

Nov 18, 2017

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Cash Flow
Quite often, companies, especially smaller, emerging entities will gloat with pleasure over their high margins and declare that all is well with the business. Indeed, all may be well with the business model itself, but what about sustainability of the business as a whole? More
Corporate Culture
How dealmakers can utilize Culture Due Diligence (CDD) to enable their clients to avoid the biggest cause of failure and not fall into the trap of the wrong vocabulary. More
merger and acquisition image
How do we successfully integrate with another company whose values, culture, management approaches, and operating practices are different from ours? What factors are more likely to affect long-term merger success than financial ones? More
2018 Winter Conference
During a recent Mid-Market Alliance Collaboration Committee call planning a session for the upcoming Winter conference, we talked about market dynamics.  Had the market reached its peak in terms of the volume and in multiples?  Many of us felt that we were indeed starting to see signs of cooling. More
Tax Reform
Here is our top 10 list of tax reform proposals that, in our opinion, would have the most significant effect on private equity investors and their portfolio companies. Unless stated otherwise, these provisions generally would apply to tax years beginning after 2017: More
Cash Out
For business owners, the only time they will get the biggest payday of their life is when they cash out the business they have built. But only if they are ready. Ideally, an exit strategy was established in the business plan from day one. If the business was not launched with an eventual exit in mind, too many entrepreneurs are just buying themselves a job. “Given the costs, stresses and risks inv… More
5 Steps to Innovation
Prior to joining Strategex, which exclusively serves B2B clients, I spent 15 years conducting B2C innovation, insight, and strategy engagements. The transition from B2C to B2B was fairly straightforward and intuitive since the essential approach to research methodology, design, analysis, and implementation didn’t change much. I was, however, struck by the sometimes drastically different ways that… More
The information revolution has yielded a new benefit for the merger and acquisition community that can have significant impact on the decision of whether or not to move forward with a deal as well as ensuring the deal succeeds in the long term. More