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The Midmarket Alliance has worked for almost two decades to connect leading M&A professionals to build relationships, share resources, and create values. The AM&AA is the educational and credentialing arm of the Alliance, whose members convene regularly for training, continuing education, and various conferences.
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As a Member of The Alliance, you have the ability to connect with a 1,000+ other Members who are focused on mergers and acquisitions.
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As with other recognized professional associations, M&A and Corporate Financial Advisory service professionals have an obligation to the public, their profession, the organization they serve, and themselves, to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. In recognition of this obligation, the Alliance has promulgated the following standards of ethical conduct for financial advisory and transaction professionals.
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Across the globe, leadership experts share messages to expand your skill set, leverage your network, broaden your scope, stay current on the industry. It is clear to thrive in our ever changing business environment, a professional must take an active role in acquiring the right skills sets and knowledge that sets them apart.


NASAA Strongly Supports Passage of Title III (HR 477) of S 488, JOBS Act 3.0
Joseph P. Borg, President of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), strongly supported passage of Title III (HR 477),…
Sep 10, 2018
GovTrack Gives 94% Chance of Enactment to S 488, The JOBS Act 3.0
On July 17th, the US House passed S 488, the JOBS and Investor Confidence Act of 2018, aka the JOBS 3.0 Act, by a huge, bipartisan majority (406-0…
Aug 27, 2018
National M&A Business Broker Associations Urge Congress to Include…
On August 16th, the leading, national professional associations representing business brokers and M&A advisors issued a joint letter urging…
Aug 21, 2018

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A 60 Second Seller's Guide to the Purchase Agreement: Stock vs. Asset Sale
In selling your business, you can structure the deal as a stock sale or an asset sale. Most sellers prefer stock sales and most buyers prefer to buy assets. More
header lexis nexis
OVERVIEW The U.S. economy was spotlighted during an unprecedented national Presidential election in 2016 with campaign debate focused on the preservation and initiation of new jobs. This topic, of course, is not a new one. In response to the economic malaise following the 2009 financial crisis, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (112 P.L. 106, 126 Stat. More
it's a deal
Thinking of your exit strategy? Find out why today is the most optimal time to sell. More
Management Team
Last month In MidMarket Talk, we took a step back and described essential steps in identifying and retaining key talent for the new organization. The Executive Group made several critical decisions on moving forward with the new organization. This month we move forward to discuss the alignment of the Management Group; this follows the alignment of the Executive Group. If Dealmakers are true adviso… More
Indecisive Businessman
When you run a business, you're tied to it both financially and personally. The financial side is obvious: Your company's success or failure ultimately rides on your shoulders, affecting not just your personal livelihood but that of your employees. The emotional aspect of being a CEO is something that's not discussed very much. More
5 Steps to Innovation
Prior to joining Strategex, which exclusively serves B2B clients, I spent 15 years conducting B2C innovation, insight, and strategy engagements. The transition from B2C to B2B was fairly straightforward and intuitive since the essential approach to research methodology, design, analysis, and implementation didn’t change much. I was, however, struck by the sometimes drastically different ways that… More
Cash Out
For business owners, the only time they will get the biggest payday of their life is when they cash out the business they have built. But only if they are ready. Ideally, an exit strategy was established in the business plan from day one. If the business was not launched with an eventual exit in mind, too many entrepreneurs are just buying themselves a job. “Given the costs, stresses and risks inv… More
Key Talent Retention
Last month In MidMarket Talk, Dealmakers Planning for a Successful Integration: First Steps in Carrying Out the Integration by Aligning the Executive Group described essential steps in bringing together the Executive Group and getting them working together as a team. More
Minnesota M&A in 2018? Land of 10,000 Mergers?
Minnesota’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market has been strong the past few years, but can this trend continue in 2018?  Will buyers continue to be willing and able to pay the high valuations we’ve seen recently?  How will the recent tax changes impact the M&A market?  Based on national historical trends and expert predictions for 2018, following are some predictions about what this More
A 60 Second Seller's Guide to the Purchase Agreement: Consulting Agreement
After the purchase is completed, you can wash your hands and move on to retirement, right? In some cases, yes. In others, not necessarily.   More
A 60 Second Seller's Guide to the Purchase Agreement: Net Working Capital
In the purchase agreement for the sale of a business the term “net working capital” typically refers to the minimum capital required to maintain current operations of the business enterprise. Calculating the amount of net working capital is more than just current assets minus current liabilities. More
The Trouble With Tribbles
Albert Einstein is quoted, “I used to go away for weeks in a state of confusion”, and for those of us who have successfully managed and led carve-out deals – that state of confusion is the biggest challenge to overcome.  Time is precious, and a couple of weeks of confusion leads to delays and costs with technology service agreements, operations efficiencies, marketing and branding strategies, H More
A 60 Second Seller's Guide to the Purchase Agreement: Indemnification
Anyone interested in giving back some of the money from the sale of your company?  No? Money has been exchanged. The business has been acquired. The transaction is complete. Golf and sailboats galore.  Any issues and losses arising after this point fall onto the buyer. More
A 60 Second Seller's Guide to the Purchase Agreement: Term Sheet
Before getting into the due diligence process and other key components of entering a purchase agreement, the buyer will typically provide you with a term sheet or letter of intent (LOI). In this document, the buyer will express his or her interest in entering the transaction and will outline the legal and commercial terms, including the price and structure of the purchase. More
Last month In MidMarket Talk, Dealmakers Planning for a Successful Integration: Performing Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) focused on providing better understanding the concept of Cultural Due Diligence (CDD). More
Being an M&A advisor is an experience of constant learning. No matter how long I work in this profession — and I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years — I never cease to encounter situations that present unforeseen challenges. More