Middle Market Strategies

Middle Market Strategies
How Private Companies Use the Markets to Create Value
Middle Market Strategies

Break down the walls that stand in the way of business growth with the effective middle market strategies found in Middle Market Strategies

The middle market represents about 1% of all U.S. businesses but produces about 40% of the gross domestic product. Winning the middle market is critical to business owners, and vital to the U.S. economy. Providing a comprehensive framework for understanding the market for private mid-sized businesses, Middle Market Strategies helps owners avoid unnecessary risks and enjoy some well-deserved returns by sharing the lessons learned from hundreds of featured business owners.

Using ninety real-world case studies, Middle Market Strategies helps inform better business decisions by providing answers to the most pressing questions, including:

  • How do the markets work?

  • How can they be used to improve business value?

  • Which strategies work best?

  • What are the rules and how do you work with them?

  • How are middle market businesses different from larger and smaller businesses?

  • What separates successful businesses from others?

Author Richard Trottier's reader-friendly anecdotes depict owners caught in the daily struggle to survive and the choices they made to break down the walls that stood in the way of their growth. Their stories, and the market rules that grew out of them, help to provide CEOs and presidents of mid-market companies, business appraisers, and capital providers with a solid understanding of the market to help them make better business decisions.