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Lloyd advises business owners on the strategies necessary to build long-term shareholder value. He assists his clients with value growth – seeking opportunities to build value and understanding risks that erode value – with the goal of helping to achieve the business owner’s liquidity goals. This assistance often involves buying or selling a business, securing adequate growth capital or optimizing the company’s capitalization. Lloyd’s range of expertise extends to all aspects of financial and operational management. His experience allows him to identify the drivers of corporate value, which is vital in assessing the viability and worthiness of capital transactions. His knowledge of the financial marketplace enables him to structure transactions in a manner most advantageous to his clients. In addition, he provides business owners with advice on financial management, including performance measurement, costing and budgeting, with the goal of maximizing shareholder value. Before joining Meaden & Moore, Lloyd held positions in credit, finance and commercial lending with a commercial lending institution.