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With a passion for bringing structure to vision, my focus is to execute, measure and monetize business ideas that generate impact for all stakeholders. Developing a vision and executing that vision through actionable solutions with collaboration and teamwork is the most exciting work. This includes assessing both the external and the internal facets of an organization and ensuring it is responsive to the stakeholder is my idea of a meaningful day.

My philosophy is to serve as a differentiated advisor that is aware of the current landscape and offers thought provoking suggestions that break barriers and provide push for companies to recognize their potential. I accomplish this by:

1) Exploring through interactive collaborative meetings

2) Listening to understand and diagnose the underlying themes

3) Taking agile action with a strong feedback response component

Throughout my career, I have served on the senior management team of companies with up to $300M in revenue. I serve as the source of expertise in financial operations in various industries including government contracting and public accounting firms. I build state of the art accounting processes and procedures to create efficiencies that improve an organization’s ability to enhance operations and increase profit.

I am passionate about collaborating with companies to develop, implement and manage strategic planning initiatives. I love working on initiatives where I tackle the “we can never” syndrome in innovative ways. I have built top-notch accounting departments by placing the right employees in the right positions that perform consistently and effectively to support the organization.

Specialties: Accounting, Finance, Setting a Vision, Leadership, Structure, Process Improvements, Enterprise-wide initiatives, Integrity, Critical Thinking, Change Management.