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Dale W. Spradling PhD CPA

When Dale moved to Houston in January 1977, he planned on staying one year. He got engaged in April, married in December and is still here (and still married to the same woman!). So much for plans, huh?

Along the way, Dale has: been an IRS agent, worked for a Big-8 CPA firm, founded a local CPA firm (twice), taught tax at the under grad and grad level (twice), been a CFO for a regional homebuilder (twice), wrote and taught numerous CPE courses, helped owners sell their business, been an early-stage biotech investor, authored numerous tax textbooks, and worked with other innovative startups.

Dale’s professional passion is helping wealth creators hang onto their own money, instead of giving it to the IRS. While everybody prefers simplicity, tax efficient planning typically requires complex arrangements. Dale’s talent is to understand the complex and being able to explain its pros and cons in simple terms. The end game makes the journey worthwhile.