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My passion for the past 20+ years has been in analyzing businesses around the country, specifically lower middle-market companies with revenues in the $5-30M range.  My first company in the late 90s was an IT consulting firm catering to internet startups.  Although my focus was in designing and building a company’s computing infrastructure I differentiated myself by learning every facet of my client’s business.  Instead of merely executing on the client’s plan I ask questions and offer suggestions for alternative solutions to increase the value and return on investment.

Over the past 20 years I have owned businesses in other industries including Real Estate Investments, Construction and Transportation while continually searching for innovative businesses to add to my portfolio.  Having evaluated hundreds of companies I have worked with many business brokers and M&A advisors and while many of them are great at what they do I noticed that the majority were transaction oriented.  I decided to take a different approach and go back to my consulting roots and apply the same methodology in working with clients but as an M&A Advisor and Exit Planning Consultant.  This was the basis of founding The M&A Group.

The M&A Group is a Middle-Market M&A Advisory Firm headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia; specializing in Business Brokerage and Exit Planning Services.  We provide intermediary services with Seller & Buyer Engagements, Private Mergers, Succession & Exit Planning.  The firm also offers coaching & consulting services to clients interested in building value in their business as part of an overall short or long-term exit strategy.  We have a large network of private equity firms and we know exactly the types of businesses they are looking for.  We also acquire businesses in the same fashion under our sister company, Serendipity LLC.