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There are millions of business owners who will need to transition the ownership of their businesses to others during the next decade to have financial stability for the rest of their lives. Some owners will desire to transfer their businesses internally to loyal management or family members while others may want or need to sell to an outside buyer in order to achieve their goals. A few owners will be able to afford to give away their businesses outright to others but most will need to “cash out” in order to gain financial independence for the rest of their lives. Business Transition Academy, Inc. (BTA) is a privately held consulting firm in the Boston area. Our mission is to empower owners to plan and execute successful business ownership transitions. We serve as your independent and objective advocate throughout the process which ensures that your goals and objectives are always the top priority. We work with you to analyze your situation, develop your plan and assist you throughout its execution. BTA is also a secure portal and special collection of educational products, services and tools specifically designed for business owners who want to learn more about creating a business ownership transition plan. 

  • Resource Center full of free information, case studies, videos, tools and more 
  • Advanced training taught by BTA Transition Mentors 
  • Post-training support and mentoring for business owner