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My name is Joe Morris and I'm a Commercial Loan Officer at Fidelity Bank, located in Edina, MN. If there's one motto that I try to incorporate into my professional life, it's "Be a Problem Solver." Working together with business owners across various industries, listening to needs and finding creative solutions are the traits that I pride myself on. I bring three years of experience, a finance degree from the University of St. Thomas, and 4 years as a collegiate athlete to the table.

While my NHL goaltending dreams were cut drastically short (I blame it on being 5'9"), I still am able to find the time to stop the occasional puck, more like breakaway or odd-man rush, in Men's League. Apart from hockey, I enjoy walking from one side of the rough to the other on the golf course as my drives rarely end up finding the fairway. Thankfully eBay and Amazon have some decent bulk golf ball deals...

I enjoy meeting new people and building relationships, so please feel free to reach out with a message! I'd be glad to connect and grab a coffee anytime, whether it's for business, networking, or simply getting away from the office. (Let's be honest, we all need that from time to time)