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As a B2B CFO® Partner, my focus is on working with the owners of privately-held businesses to achieve a higher level of success by creating financial and goal clarity, which is used to increase cash, sales, profits and company value. With over 30 years of broad based financial experience, I understand the demands and challenges faced by the owners and managers of these organizations. I provide my consulting services on an as-needed long-term basis. This helps privately-held businesses as they benefit from my experience without the fully loaded cost of a full-time senior employee.

My sweet spot in terms of the businesses I work with is in the $5M - $75M annual revenue range.

My areas of strength and experience include:
•Cash management and forecasting
•Financial benchmarking and analysis
•Budgeting and strategic planning
•Mentoring of accounting staff
•Assistance with implementation of accounting systems
•Management of business acquisition team
•Management of business transition team

If you would like to learn more about how my services can help your company, please reach out via email (