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Working with entrepreneurs is the most satisfying calling I could possibly imagine. These individuals, the backbone of America, clearly demonstrate the ingenuity, creativity, focus and perseverance necessary to have created the business foundation of the modern world. What many in today's society fail to realize is the fact that every great business began as a small business and flourished because of the relentless entrepreneur.

What is also true, is that no matter what anyone is doing today, someday they will be doing something different. Transferring or selling a business, planning to exit a business, or acquiring a business are all a part of this fact. Achieving one’s personal goals while maximizing one's value is the likely focus for any one of these activities.

M&A is in the Merger and Acquisition arena with an experienced, hands-on team. Being part of this team allows me to bring an extensively diverse background to those who are selling or buying a business or planning their exit for that time when they will no longer be doing what they are doing today.