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My name is Mark Arciero founder of Interim CEO and Private Equity Services, and I am a Certified Professional Business Advisor, Certified Executive Coach, Lean Sensei, Six Sigma Champion, and recognized Company Restructuring Expert. I provide enterprise solutions for my clients by addressing their challenges and constraints, developing a prioritized “Road Map”, an execution plan, and “hands-on” supporting our client to propel the implementation of this plan for greater revenue growth and profitability.

After three decades as a recognized Turnaround and Restructuring certified Professional Business Advisor, I have worked with companies that were - small pre-revenue, small to medium publically traded and private, to multi-billion dollar companies. The uniqueness and dynamics of each has allowed me to bring a “distinctive toolbox” of strategies and approaches for our clients.


>Expertise in All Industries Union and Non-Union – Industrial, Aerospace, Aviation, DOD, NASA, DOE, Nuclear, Forestry, Construction, Utilities, Petroleum, FDA, Marine and more

>Drive business, economical and operational efficiencies to the bottom line through innovative strategic planning, lean enterprise efficiencies, and six sigma approaches.

>Establish methodologies to focus on sustainable “Fundamentals”

>Execute ISO, AS, NADCAP, TQM Quality Systems

>Establish core business values of people, processes, culture, and teamwork

>Institute accountability through metrics, address Organizational structure for growth

>Establish positive change management through effective culture changes

>Position companies for key peek revenue growth and profitable performance

>Discover essentials for maximizing portfolio value and building for the future

>Integrate add-on acquisitions; support due-diligence for prospective buyers/sellers

>Design and operational execution of FAR 21, 23, 25, 27, 35, 121, 125, 135, 141, 145 for Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Aircraft