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Lower Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions

As intermediaries specializing in lower middle market companies, we assist principals of entrepreneurial and family owned businesses in unison with their business advisors in finding smart exit strategies benefiting both buyers and sellers.

Michael graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in Business Finance and Transportation. The entrepreneurial skills gained over twenty-five years of owning and operating businesses enables Michael to identify with other lower middle market companies as an effective hands-on advisor and intermediary. Earlier experiences include Executive Management and CFO of a $60 million lower middle market Logistics and Freight Transportation company, owning and operating a commercial real estate portfolio and spearheading exceptional growth leading to successful exit strategies for several sales, leasing, manufacturing and distribution businesses. After leaving the transportation industry, Michael began his successful career as an intermediary primarily representing sell-side transactions. Company engagements typically have $1 million or more of EBITDA and are often part of a well-planned exit including succession, retirement, partner separations and unplanned life events. One of Michael’s favorite messages he wished he can deliver to all prospective sellers is, “I would rather meet you three to five years out from your exit then in the same year you plan to sell.”

One of the keys to the long-standing success has been the ability to identify and understand the seller’s goals and manage expectations to achieve the best outcomes. Processes are handled in a confidential and sanitized manner to limit exposure from competitors, customers and employees knowing an owner is considering an exit strategy. Equity Insight Advisor’s processes enable owners to maintain control and continue running their business as usual while engaging in a go-to-market plan and continuing into the sale process. This strategy allows business owners considering an exit to be more productive while remaining in control of the entire process.

Every business needs an exit strategy. Contact us early to assist you in meeting your company’s objectives. Whether your needs are immediate or long-term to sell your business, make acquisitions, assist with mergers, joint ventures, or succession planning, let us show you how we can help your business plans achieve all your goals.