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A diploma in Meat Processing hung in the window of my family’s meat market in Manhattan. My grandfather, Erast Kurowycky, earned it years before he arrived in the United States and it led him to open a shop in Manhattan – eons before the words Entrepreneur and Start-up were common. He created arrays of sausages in the smokehouse and ovens in the back and sold them warm and fresh in the front of the store.

His backbreaking work became a family-owned business that lasted over 50 years and three generations. The shop gained national and international acclaim. Kurowycky Meat Products is where I learned to sort and count money and where my business life began.

Over time, I earned my JD and MBA and became a corporate advisor, attorney, and corporate board member. I have invested over 20 years in developing businesses with a focus on all aspects of the enterprise, including strategic growth, client development, management and retention, financial oversight and reporting, as well as, regulatory compliance. I have been engaged in a wide array of industry segments, and ownership situations from an operations level, a consulting level and a corporate board level.

Today, I am an M&A Advisor focused on assisting privately-held, middle-market companies achieve maximum value in their businesses during transitions all while maintaining harmony among stakeholders.