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Current President of Asset Stream Advisers, a firm providing services driven by client success where we align with stakeholders turning their potential to profit. Much more detail, content, case studies, and testimonial provided on website and LinkedIn profiles. 

We support and serve middle market business stakeholders (typical annual revenues greater than $5 million to $1 billion).  We advocate and serve our clients by offering these basic services: 

1. Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy/Sell Side.

2. Reporting Value, Strategic/Transaction Business Valuations.

3. Operational Competitiveness, Succession Planning, and Financial Services.

Material participant in numerous M&A transactions including a $473M sell-side stock purchase in 2007. Bearer of certifications including NACVA Certified Valuation Analyst, FINRA licenses (Series 79/63) and CPA. A former Director with The McLean Group and member of its Aerospace, Government Contracting, and Defense team. All securities transactions are completed with Burch & Co, our broker/dealer, which manages compliance for over 100 FINRA registered bankers.  Asset Stream and Burch & Co. are unaffiliated entities.

Please contact me if you are seeking to sale your business within 36 months, seeking a buyer for your company (up to $250 million), and/or want a rapid CFO that will immediately make a difference in protecting and adding value. 

Contact Info:  Office Phone: 907-770-3772, Mobile: 907-240-0223, Email: Please feel free to schedule a fully confidential, no risk appointment directly on our website. 

C-level Leadership, Buy/Sell-Side Deal Negotiations, Due Diligence & M&A Intermediary Support, Litigation/Transaction Support, Enterprise Valuations, ESOPs, Financial & Operational Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Budgeting, Modeling & Benchmarking; Contract & Risk Analysis, Performance & Profitability Improvement, Quality Optimization; Corporate, Partnership & Pass-thru/Shareholder Governance; Treasury & Cash Flow Mgmt, Investment Strategies & Allocations