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Entrepreneurial Executive, who builds enterprise value and scales businesses for the next level of growth. Nearly 30 years’ experience valuing privately held stock, maximizing shareholder’s wealth, and providing clients with a solid understanding of Alaska’s economy, enterprises, natural resources, energy options, financial and economic trends. Noted for enabling clients to leverage the financial strengths of Alaska Native Corporations and middle market enterprises in Alaska and across the continental US.

Current President of Asset Stream Advisers, a firm providing M&A, valuation, and other strategic consulting services. Early success as a Senior Auditor with Deloitte and Touché auditing two clients with $1B in assets/revenues, developing expertise in Native Alaskan Corporations afterwards utilized as CEO of an ANCSA village corporation, leading it to one of its most profitable 12 month periods in its 25-year history. Additional success as a CFO of two of Alaska’s largest privately held companies.

Material participant in numerous M&A transactions including a $473M sell-side stock purchase in 2007. Bearer of certifications including NACVA Certified Valuation Analyst, FINRA licenses (Series 79/63) and CPA. A former Director with The McLean Group and member of its Aerospace, GC, and defense team.

Contact me if you have interest in locating investors with capital up to $250 million, need a valuation or ESOP services, M & A support, and/or desire us for C-level work.

C-level Leadership, Buy/Sell-Side Deal Negotiations, Due Diligence & M&A Intermediary Support, Litigation/Transaction Support, Enterprise Valuations, ESOPs, Financial & Operational Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Budgeting, Modeling & Benchmarking; Contract & Risk Analysis, Performance & Profitability Improvement, Quality Optimization; Corporate, Partnership & Pass-thru/Shareholder Governance; Treasury & Cash Flow Mgmt, Investment Strategies & Allocations