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Every business, regardless of size, industry, or ownership, experiences change. Growth can cause issues relative to processes, systems and people. Other times, a business may encounter poor performance in their top or bottom lines and will need help identifying the causes and strategies for solving them. I have spent my career as a corporate executive and investor addressing these issues and the accompanying problems of capital constraints, lender/creditor issues and lack of internal resources, among others. Considering how important and far reaching these issues are, clients want to know their advisors have the background, insight and expertise to get to the root cause quickly and to provide practical high yield solutions. I am able to deliver results through my training and experience in finance, operations, systems and change management, along with my ability to collaborate with people at all levels of the client’s organization. Buyers and sellers need advisors they can count on to add value and understand their needs when a transaction is at hand. I have closed more than 30 transactions as an investor or a corporate executive where I was responsible for both the transaction and the results. Our team performs buy-side due diligence with a true investor’s mindset and with the ability to understand the business drivers quickly. On the sell-side, we can prepare a company for sale to maximize value and ensure the transaction process proceeds as smoothly as possible. My working style is collaborative. I search for answers within the organization from those people who are closest to the problem and know it best. I work “with” companies, not “on” them. My clients appreciate my candor, integrity and my ability to quickly grasp their issues, ultimately delivering results that they could not have achieved on their own. Mostly they appreciate that I have been in their shoes and know what it is like to own the problem.