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Todd helps business owners and their companies solve legal and business problems related to financing, startup, formation, shareholder disputes, contract drafting, negotiations, SEC compliance, company sales and purchases. No matter the situation, Todd helps his clients.

Todd provides clients with real-world, actionable advice. Throughout his 20 years of practice, Todd has helped clients of all sizes overcome their problems time and time again.

Todd works closely with clients and leadership teams at the highest level. He has served industries such as high technology, software, IoT, 3D printing, biotech, cleantech, agtech and foodtech.

If you have a business that you love and care about, we are here to help. We will treat you and your company with the respect you have earned.


  • Mitchell Hamline
  • University of St. Thomas

Todd's favorite book is "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy", he was born in Cnada and lived in Brussels, Belgium for four years learning to like mayonnaise on french fries.