Vikram Kapoor

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Believe in the process.

I am a firm believer in process improvement that can result in efficiencies and cost savings. As a top-performing Benefits Analyst with over 10 years of experience across different industries. Highly skilled in evaluating existing programs, plan design modeling, financial analysis and implementation of benefits programs .

A couple accomplishments:

• Project lead for restructuring & implementation of Health & Welfare Benefits program resulting in cost reductions by 19%

• Introduced QHDHP plan with Health Savings Account resulting in 40% QHDHP enrollment in its first year

Experience in:

• Group Benefits including medical, life and disability
and supplemental insurance (fully and and self -
insured plans)
• Process Analysis
• Financial Analysis: Plan design modeling
• Strategic Benefit Planning
• 401(k) Admininstration
• Vendor Management: medical|dental|life|disability
• Pharmacy Benefit Management
• Mergers & Acquisitions lead, providing due
diligence and financial analysis
• Logistical support to expats/inpats including
relocation and immigration