Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We are building the 1st Center of Excellence to research, develop, and exchange private companies for maximum value!


Our Mission

To maximize the value of midmarket private companies, we identify and understand the owner's personal needs and introduce the business to the right opportunities, and people to enable operational excellence.



New Triangle Board

Our experience of many years provides evidence that 90% of companies approaching an investor or transaction intermediary, hoping to sell or finance their businesses, will be disappointed and rejected as not being “market-ready”. Moreover, they are provided little guidance or substantive direction on how they could become more "market-ready".

Furthermore, of the companies that go to market, many times they ultimately sell at a lower value and more unfavorable terms than had been expected at the outset.  Others end up disappointed when their deals fall apart in due diligence or when they are pressed into making concessions in order to close their transactions. 

Overall, the private company marketplace today is very large in scope and operates with a highly fragmented 19th-century inefficient process that frequently fails to serve the needs of business owners, investors, or their professional advisors!

The independent members of MidMarket Place believe it is time to move to the 21st century.